PES 2011 Pro Evolution 0.0.0 APK Game Download for Android

Pes 2011 Apk

PES 2011 Pro Evolution 0.0.0 APK Game Download for Android 
Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 is an android apk gamea that comes gain with a new version of its soccer simulator than the Previous Version .
PES 2011 comes loaded of Features,  Quick Match, Exhibition, Uefa Competitions, League Cup, SC Super Challenge, Challenges, Community,  Training, Gallary and System Setting. 
it also offers improved artificial intelligence that will help you enjoy the game more than ever.

In this Pes edition of 2011, player’s movements are better, they have new routines that make the game more realistic than ever, your attacking play won’t slow down, your players will act in a more consistent way, and you will continue to have the conviction to the attack and score a goal.

It also includes new options like controlling players who don’t have the ball to organize the attack or to run to defend a counterattack. 

moreover AIl of the opposing team is improved and their defence will be better and it will be more difficult for you to find a good strategy. But, as it happened in previous instalments of the game, the goalkeepers are the unfinished business of PES2011.

This year you can enjoy the Champions League, Copa Libertadores, Europe League, ... even for the first time, the BBVA league that fans of teams which are not in European competitions will enjoy.

In addition to the League, you can chose your own leagu from six leagues
International league
English  league 
Ligue 1
Italian League
Dutch League

each league has an option of either Full season play or Half.
players are represented as they are, in fact they imitate the gestures of the real players when they scored or targeted to score the goal, for example the position and dribbling  skills of Lionel Messi,  and that of Cristiano Ronaldo’s  style of counter attacking.

also you can check the functions of injuries players  in the top Menu for substitutions . In fact, this change gives you a completely different perspective of the game.

just enjoy this Version  by clicking on the Downloading link for safe and fast downloading from 
Category : Sports Game 
Last Updated : 09 March, 2018
Current Version : 0.0.0
Requirements : 4.0.3+
Developer : Konami 


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