The House оf Nightmares Apk Game for Android

The House оf Nightmares Apk Game for Android

The House оf Nightmares Apk Game for Android

In the game you will play the main character - a mother, who was walking with her daughter. All was Ok, until the girl ran away from his mother, and was gone! Our heroine knocked down in search of his daughter, and even the police could not do anything about it, until one day nightmare is not prompted by her mother, the daughter of where to look!
As the main character You will explore old mansion family physician family who inhabit the strange, cursed creation, and from time to time, he is plunged into darkness, which literally changes everything it touches ...

The game «Nightmare House» - this is a terrific combination of genres "Quest" and "Hidden object" .

In search of objects, exploring the map, you learn about the history of the house owner, his secret trials and the reasons for the curse hanging over the house, as well as the fact that the missing child is a part of a large, terrifying puzzle ...

   In the game you will find a lot of different locations , the set of rooms with monsters , for the destruction of which you will need to find the special items and find ways to destroy all the scary monsters, and solve the mystery of their appearance.
The mystical and eerie atmosphere of the game will immerse you in an amazing adventure. The game will appeal to all who love the game in the style of "hidden object".
Category : Adventure Game
Last Updated :  14 May, 2019
Current Version : 1.1.1
Requirements : 3.0+
Developer : Fox Art Games

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