Umdatul Ahkam MP3 Offline Apk Download for Android

Umdatul Ahkam MP3 Offline Apk Download for Android

Umdatul Ahkam MP3 Offline Apk Download for Android

Umdatul Ahkam by Sheikh Ja'afar Mahmud Adam.

Are you looking for Sheikh Ja'afar Mahmud Adam Umdatul Ahkam Tafseer? If yes, then here it is. :)
This App is a little bit big, but once you managed to download it you'll always enjoy sheikh ja'afar's tafseer of this important book.

For the Hausa muslims brothers that have downloaded an online version of this app, if you are having trouble listening to your tafseer due to poor or no internet connection then GOOD NEWS!! Here's a new version that works perfectly offline!!

This Application works perfectly offline. Just download the App and Install it. You can then listen to sheikh ja'afar mahmud umdatul ahkam tafseer anywhere anytime.

This is the best version you'll ever have! It works without internet!!

For more sheikh jaafar Hausa Islamic Apps write KAREEMTKB on Google's Play store.

If you have the complete umdatul ahkam tafseer please don't hesitate to mail it to the developer of this App via the developer email provided. I'll be glad to receive it so as to expand this version.

Apart from sheikh ja'afar umdatul ahkam app, many Hausa Islamic Apps are available in my catalog. Just write KAREEMTKB and you'll see many of them.

The following malam Jafar Apps are available in my catalog:

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Bayani kan aikin Hajji da umra
Matsayin boko a musulunci
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and the following Apps are yet to come in shaa Allah.

Bulugul Miram
Riyadussalihin and other Surahs of the Holy Qur'an Tafseer by Sheikh Jafar Mahmud Adam.
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Last Updated :  17 July, 2019
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