The Richest Man In Babylon Apk free Download for Android

The Richest Man In Babylon Apk free Download for Android

The Richest Man In Babylon Apk free Download for Android

Money tips on the fundamentals of personal administration and building wealth, written as a series of short stories happening in Babylon.

Published originally by George Samuel Classon in 1926, this book is considered a perennial classic of personal finance books, and consistently named in the top 5s of books of its category.

Structured for easy reading in short, self-concluding chapters --it was initially distributed as separate pamphlets--, the book offers plenty of solid money tips and clear-cut rules for the accumulation of wealth, within powerful scenes -like when the protagonist is turned into a slave, or the description of the construction of Babylon's walls- that will stand by themselves in the memory of the reader.

Some of the better known tips offered by Classon are: pay yourself first 10% of what you earn, live below your means, make your money work for you, invest in yourself and your earning capabilities, track your wealth... All are clearly explained and well exemplified with intemporal passages.

Contents of the book:

1 The Richest Man in Babylon
2 Seven Cures for a Lean Purse
3 Meet the Goddess of Good Luck
4 The Five Laws of Gold
5 The Gold Lender of Babylon
6 The Walls of Babylon
7 The Camel Trader of Babylon
8 The Clay Tablets from Babylon
9 The Luckiest Man in Babylon
10 A Historical Sketch of Babylon


With its characteristic combination of exotic storytelling and straightforward money tips distilled into lists and bullet points, this book is perhaps one of the most accessible reads in a field as essential as it is money management.

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