Falcon Bird Survival Simulator Apk Download for Android

Falcon Bird Survival Simulator Apk Download for Android

Falcon Bird Survival Simulator Apk Download for Android

Fly like a bird of prey in falcon survival simulator!
Hunt for birds and animals, live the life of the falcon. Play bird of prey quests or survival mode. It is up to you - beat other falcon or invite it to your bird of prey family. Meet other falcon, breed a new bird. Survival in the simulator is hard - so, maintain your energy - and explore the wild world as a bird of prey with our falcon survival simulator.

Features of Falcon Bird Survival Simulator:

- Real bird survival behaviour
- Survival and quest mode
- Falcon families
- Many bird of prey species
- 3D graphics
- Bird battles simulator

Hunt for any bird or animal. Levelup your falcon and improve your survival skills. Find partner falcon to get a big bird of prey family. Explore beautiful locations from a bird of prey eye view! Try convenient controls, fly like a real falcon. Become the most powerful bird of prey in the survival simulator and challenge friends. Can they be a falcon in the survival simulator? Try how to be a bird. Get a big bird of prey family.

If you like bird of prey survival simulator games - Falcon Bird Survival Simulator is for you. Play many hours to explore all places! Try survival in the sky, it is great. Attack other animals, be a real bird of prey. Warning - it is not easy to be a bird in the simulator. Be ready for challenge! Start your bird of prey life now, have your own falcon. Choose what to do in the simulator - eat, hunt or just fly.
Be a bird of prey! Forget about other creatures, but falcon. Realise now human life is boring in contrast of bird of prey survival. Real bird of prey sounds and simulator's controls deep you into the simulator's survival atmosphere.

Write us! Help us to make the best falcon simulator.
It is a great simulator for bird of prey lovers! Try Falcon Bird Survival Simulator right now, spend your evening in the sky.
Category : Simulation Game
Last Updated : 15 May, 2020
Current Version : 1
Requirements : 2.3+
Developer : Wild Animals World

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