Wolf Simulator 2020: Animal Family Sim Games Apk Download

Wolf Simulator 2020: Animal Family Sim Games Apk Download

Wolf Simulator 2020: Animal Family Sim Games Apk Download

Come into the life of wild wolf in wolf simulator games and angry wolf family sim games just like other animal family simulator games. In wolf simulator fight other ultimate beasts such as lion, tiger, panther and many other wild animal family games clan. To protect your territory in the wolf simulator 2020 animal family games and wolf family simulator games or a wolf simulator for jungle survival in wolf survival games . Your enemies stand a chance against your fiery breath and sharp talons! Defend yourself against wild animals of jungle and flying predators such as eagle, lion, tiger, wolf and others. Make clan of wild wolves and explore the role of alpha.

Fight for your survival and protect your wolf cubs and mate for wolf survival game. So be an angry wolf in the ultimate adventure of jungle and in the wilderness of RPG fantasy in wolf games and wolf simulator games. Raise a family, hunt to feed the wolf family, and live on through your territory. Your little baby cubs will help you in jungle fight as clan for the wolf clan, so your pack will always protect your family. You will explore, fight and level up in a massive wild jungle adventure world! Discover the life of other wolf enemies to reign over the forest. Live and survive in the wild.

Play as the wild beast wolf simulator games to attack wildlife animals and make them your prey. Life of a wild wolf is not easy but filled with thrill, hunt and adventures in wolf games. Fight against the huge creatures and show your hunting and survival skills in this wolf attack 3d sim just like wolf city attack rampage. Hunt down many animals and other animals to make them your food in open world jungle. Start epic battles with grand jungle wild animals like deadly predators and clan of of wild animals. In this animal simulator challenges you to maintain health and energy by eating and taking food for your family in animal family sim games.

In wolf family simulator and wolf simulator games 2020 clan of different wild animal will also attack on your family so beware and ready for deadly fighting in wilderness of mega jungle in this family sim game online. In best of animal family games, your mate will also help you in savanna fighting and vast jungle adventure fighting as wild wolf of the forest like wolf city rampage and wolf city attack.

Wolf Simulator 2020: Animal Family Sim Games Features:

• Jungle fighting & survival modes with wolf family simulator 2020.
• Incredible hunting and jungle fighting adventure like lion vs tiger.
• RPG animal jungle survival, fighting with clan & family.
• Keep up your energy and health by evolving your angry wolf attack.
• Cool animations and realistic wolf simulator gameplay.
• Smooth & easy controls for wolf survival and jungle fighting attack.
Category : Simulation Game
Last Updated : 23 May, 2020
Current Version : 1.1
Requirements : 4.2+
Developer : Digital Royal Studio

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