Full Battery Alarm Apk Download for Android

Full Battery Alarm Apk Download for Android

Full Battery Alarm Apk Download for Android

For this app to work properly, please go to SETTINGS and then open 'BATTERY OPTIMIZATION'. Select Full Battery Alarm app and click on 'Don't optimize this app'.

FOR XIAOMI USERS: For this app to work properly, you have to include the app for auto start.

FOR SAMSUNG USERS: Go to Settings -> Open Apps -> Select 'Full Battery Alarm' -> Click on 'Battery' ->Choose 'Optimise battery usage' -> DEACTIVATE full battery alarm app

FOR ONEPLUS USERS WITH ANDROID 8.0 & ABOVE: Go to Settings -> Open 'Battery' -> then open 'Battery optimization' ->Search for 'Full Battery Alarm App' -> Click on 'Do not optimise'

NOTE: If you are using any task killer, then you have to add this app in white list or ignore list. Otherwise, the app will not work.


Full Battery Alarm prevents your mobile phone battery from being overcharged. In today's busy schedule it is very hard to check the battery status again and again. Full battery alarm is an unique app which notifies the mobile phone user when their mobile phone's battery is fully charged.

Full Battery Alarm has three different type of notification settings. You can select your favorite ringtone or can choose vibration or light blink alert if you are in a meeting. Install the app in your mobile phone and launch the application. No need to re-arm the app again. It will automatically sound an alert once the battery will be fully charged.
Category : Tools App
Last Updated : 27 August, 2020
Current Version : 14.09
Requirements : 4.0.3+
Developer : Replay Creation

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