Battle of Agents - Offline Multiplayer Shooting Apk Download

Battle of Agents - Offline Multiplayer Shooting Apk Download

Battle of Agents - Offline Multiplayer Shooting Apk Download 

It's a offline multiplayer free to play game developed by Xeneva Studio. It's a third person 3D shooting game. Players will have to play against each other.

Here are the key features of this game:

Local multiplayer:
No internet connection required. Just need to be connected under same network. Creating hotspot and connecting from other devices will work too. You can team up too. Just select same team id to play on the same team. Host device will be able to control the match start time and match length. And the whole thing is in offline.

Practice mode:
You can practice with bot. Difficulty of bot practice will increase gradually.

There are currently 4 character. You can select any one of them as you player.

Currently 3 AR, 2 SMG and 2 sniper gun available on this game. Every gun has different fire-rate, damage rate, recoil effect etc.

This game is well optimized. We tested on some low end android devices and the output was great. Every low-mid/mid/high end android devices can run this game on 60 fps.

CityLord: CityLord is a small Industrial city map. Players will have a lot of cover to take cover and fight with other players.
Desert Eagle: It's a desert based map. It will be available soon.

Developer Info:
Xeneva Studio

Contact us on

Xeneva Studio is small game development company working on modern mobile games. It's the first game developed by us. We are working on some other projects too.
Category : Action Game
Last Updated : 16 September, 2020
Current Version : 0.4.6
Requirements : 4.1+
Developer : XenEva Studio

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